Stories. Everyone has one. Benedict Arnold did. Your neighbor two doors down does. The checker at the grocery store does.

Stories ~ they connect us.

According to Webster's dictionary, the definition of an Earthling is a simple one: An inhabitant of earth.


"Talking to Earthlings" has one simple mission: To bring humanism back to society. With so much polarity happening in the world right now, so much negativity, and so much hardship, it's important that we all remember one simple truth: We are all just inhabitants of this earth.


We wake up each day, we do our best. We breathe. We connect. We work. We love. We face hardship. We cry. Life can be difficult, but it's our energy + our viewpoints that make or break our experience on this earth. 


Throughout the last several years, your host Lunakye has had the opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life in all types of capacities: bringing the party to their wedding celebrations as a DJ + emcee, bringing joy + laughter to their days as a live steamer, and empowering his own friends + family. 


In this new phase of life, Lunakye is diving into a role he always knew he would be called to in some way or another: As an objective journalist. "Talking to Earthlings" was created in an effort to have raw + honest conversations with one another. To discuss our deepest hopes, dreams, and fears. To unite human beings who may not agree with one another's ideologies, but who can become inspired by one another's vulnerabilities, and life stories. 


TTE was created to tease apart the universal human condition, encourage togetherness through similar life experiences + reconnect to the roots of something we will always share in common: Being earthlings."


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